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Fax★Star & SAP®

Fax★Star Integration with SAP®


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SAP offers companies a wide range of software for implementation in many areas, i.e. Human Resources, CRM Accounting, Supply Chain Management, and mobile business. Almost every company, regardless of what they do, must perform certain processes and all have areas of common ground.

  • What company can operate without employees?

  • What business would endure without customers?

  • What corporation can survive without communicating to its suppliers, customers, and employees?

FaxStar will aid with the communication between these parties and show you how to save time and money.With FaxStar for SAP you have an efficient communications server. The FaxStar Advanced Server installed on a Windows 2000 Workstation, will offer you all that you could ever imagine in a modern server. The ability to:

  • Send and Receive faxes.

  • Monitor the traffic from your email or a Windows application.

  • Send faxes and email from your host using a diversity of data streams (ASCII, Epson, PCL5, PostScript).

  • Optimization of line usage through advanced configuration options.

  • Ability to route incoming faxes directly to the user.

The Fax★Star Advanced Server is seen by the SAP system as a network PCL printer. In order to process incoming faxes, Fax★Star accesses the SAP messaging via the SAP MAPI subsystem.

The installation requires the Fax★Star Advanced Server. The SAP MAPI SPI must be installed and configured on the Advanced Server. Just create "FaxStar" on the SAP server, and this is the user that will be utilized to send delivery messaging to the users


SAP will need to send Fax★Star Commands in order to process outbound faxes and email. In a few minutes you will be able to allow your users to fax and email without making any changes on their Workstations.