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Fax★Star Enterprise Server

Installed on a dedicated Windows Work Stations, or Windows Server, the Enterprise Server offers all the features you ever wanted to have in a communications server. It contains professional fax boards (up to 64 lines). It converts spooled files to fax or email format, and can merge the data with forms, logos, and signatures. All these functions are performed without utilizing any iSeries or other host resources. The Fax★Star Enterprise Server also has extensive inbound fax routing capabilities.

Fax★Star Enterprise Inbound Faxing

Fax★Star Enterprise Server automatically has the ability to receive and distribute inbound faxes. Depending upon the specific installation the Fax★Star Enterprise Server can route by line, CSID, DID, DTMF, or T-30 sub address. All faxes can be Emailed, Printed, Saved to a file, sent to a FTP server, or forwarded to another fax number simultaneously. Any inbound fax can be converted to PDF, TIFF G3, TIFF G4, PCX, DCX, or JPEG depending upon where they will need to be stored or sent. All inbound routing can be created either globally or for individual departments or users. With Fax★Star inbound faxing has never been easier.

Fax★Star Network Faxing

Fax★Star has additional capabilities for PC Networks and Terminal Server environments. By utilizing the Fax★Star Mail Gateway (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, SMTP) or by using Fax★Star Windows software any PC on the Network, users can send outbound faxes. Depending on your network, one or more of these tools may apply. With Fax★Star it has never been easier to fax PC documents.

Routing of Inbound Faxes

Print incoming fax to the specified Network or Local Printer.

Save an incoming fax to the specified Directory on the specified Host. Select file Type or the format for the saved file.

FTP the incoming fax to a host. Select file Type or the format for the saved file.

Email the incoming fax to a host. Select file Type or the format for the saved file.

Forward incoming faxes to this fax number.

Send incoming fax to Fax★Star Windows .