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Fax★Star Assistant iSeries/400

A user-friendly fax traffic manager for the iSeries/400.

Support Page(Documentation and Downloads)

Fax★Star Assistant is a user-friendly fax traffic manager for the iSeries/400. It can automatically add fax commands to your spooled files, display received faxes in graphic mode, keep track of all iSeries/400 faxing in real-time, perform batch faxing, and much more. The Fax★Star Assistant user interface makes all of these tasks, and many others, very simple to do. Fax★Star Assistant works with all types of Fax★Star Servers.

Traffic Manager

Fax★Star Assistant's Traffic Manager has a user-friendly interface. Users can view fax traffic, cancel a pending fax, display details of a fax, and view a fax in graphic mode. In addition, a user can print a fax, resubmit a fax, plus much more.

User Interface

Fax★Star Assistant's User Interface allows users to enter multiple fax numbers, display a phone book, enter multiple e-mail addresses, and multiple distribution lists. It also allows you to add a cover page, set fax options, add references to a fax, and much more.


Fax★Star Assistant has a strong security system. Every user is given a security level (Officer, Manager, or User). In addition, each security level offers it's own level of security. Users can be given rights that allow them to update files, run special functions, etc.

Traffic Statistics

The Traffic Manager allows you to display Graphic Fax Traffic Statistics. Fax★Star Assistant keeps traffic statistics per unit, per line, and per user. Users can display fax statistics for faxes per hour, per time of day, per days in a month, per months over the last 24 months, etc.

Fax★Star Assistant API's

Fax★Star Assistant has several APIs that allow you to automatically add faxing capability without changing a line of code to existing applications.

  • Complete iSeries/400 to Fax*Star Interface
  • Send Faxes From "Green" Screen
  • Automatically Fax Spooled Files
  • Manage All iSeries/400 Fax Activity
  • No Change to Existing iSeries/400 Applications
  • Batch Faxing
  • Fax Any Spooled File (*SCS, PCL)
  • E-mail Spooled File and Documents
  • Easy to Use Administrative Program
  • Monitor All Faxing
  • Monitor Faxes Sent From Your Network
  • Display Incoming Faxes on "Green" Screen
  • Print Incoming Faxes on iSeries/400 Printers