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The Complete Software and Hardware Package for the iSeries/400 and Networks.

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Fax★Star Advanced Server Features

The Complete Network Faxing Solution for iSeries400, Windows, UNIX. The Fax★Star Advanced Server can fax and e-mail from any platform connected to your network. The Fax★Star Advanced Server runs on a dedicated Windows workstation. It acts as a truly modern and efficient communication server. Able to interface with major mail software on the market (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, SMTP mail servers). Send faxes and mails from host using different data stream (ASCII, Epson, PCL, PostScript). Routes incoming fax directly to user and able to print fax copies on any printer on the network.

Fax★Star Network Faxing

Fax★Star has additional capabilities for PC Networks. By utilizing the Fax★Star Mail Gateway for Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange, users can send outbound faxes. Depending on your network, one or more of these tools apply.

Fax★Star Assistant Software

Fax★Star Assistant was specifically designed to meet all your iSeries/400 fax and email needs. You can manage traffic, create and send small memos in the word processor, and automate spooled file distribution.

Fax★Star Assistant APIs can automatically select the spooled files, of your choice, distribute them via email or fax. Fax★Star Assistant also allows the splitting of batched spooled files and can retrieve delivery information from your current database. All this designed so you do not have to change a single line of code.

How To Fax Using Fax★Star

To fax a document, simply embed Fax★Star commands into a text document. These commands tell Fax★Star where to send the fax, what forms to attach, who to send a confirmation message to, etc. There are over 150 Fax★Star commands available for you to use. Here is an example with just a few commands. All fax commands start with ** (pronounced star star). On the left is a text document with embedded ** commands. On the right is the document after it is converted to a fax by Fax★Star.

Fax★Star sends a fax to the number specified after **FAX. The logo specified by **LOGO is added to the top of the fax. The text in the document is merged with the form specified by **FORM. All text within the document remains as is, except the ** fax commands which are automatically removed. Finally, **END indicates to Fax★Star the end of a fax.

Ask your Fax★Star Representative for a complete listing of Fax★Star commands.