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About Fax★Star

In Science there are solutions that are referred to as 'elegant'. They are elegant because they, in addition to being powerful in scope, are simple in concept. This is the case with the origin of Fax★Star. The concept was a simple solution to a business need that was enormous in magnitude with no less at stake than our ability to outperform our competition.

Companies that achieved a high level of excellence have been those that have successfully aligned themselves with their customer's needs and process workflow from the 'customer in' rather than from the company outward.

At the core of process management is the issue of how to get information to customers, vendors and employees, most effectively and timely. How can critical work cycles be shortened without increasing operating costs? Faxing became an inseparable component of the solution but was cumbersome and labor centered. It required someone to prepare a document, a coversheet, a hard copy, go to the 'fax room', dial up and wait for a connection and a confirmation. In high volume scenarios such as processing purchase orders or invoices, someone had to change forms on the line printer and wait for the printing job to be completed and strip the edges off before it could be faxed. I don't have to remind you what happens when the line is busy or the number was dialed incorrectly. An inconvenience yes, but often we discovered it long after we thought that an important document was safe at it's intended destination.

One of the first people to take this as an opportunity was Michel Remion. In 1984 he developed a technology that was the foundation of fax automation and the company that evolved into Fax★Star. In a short while the world of information processing was changed forever and the 8 to 10 minutes it took to generate a fax was reduced to the push of a button.

With more than thousands of references around the world, Fax★Star is one of the leaders in the Industry.