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New Website

Fax★Star is pleased to introduce this new web site.
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Provider for Microsoft FAX

The 'provider for Microsoft FAX' is a new feature that allows you to share the FAX resources of your Fax★Star with Microsoft FAX servers.

After installing the 'virtual modem' on the Microsoft FAX server, you do not need any fax modem on that server anymore.
This is a very convenient and transparent way to remove unreliable CLASS 2 modem and phone lines.

Please call +1(800)327-9859 for more information


New BARCODE command

A new command is now available if you desire to insert BARCODE in your document.

By simply adding a **BARCODE command in your spool file, Fax★Star will generate and insert a barcode in your document.
This feature is available as an option, check the reference manual for more details.

Please call +1(800)327-9859 for more information.