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Assistant Integration with MAPICS


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MAPICS has the option to print Invoices, Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgements or any other documents that a company wishes to fax or email. Even when they have customized those reports, many Companies do not have the resources to change the reports to interface with a document delivery system. FaxStar has developed a way to distribute these documents without changing a single line of code. On the AS/400/ iSeries, the integrator function of the FaxStar Assistant offers automatic handling of MAPICS spooled files. Depending on the spooled file attributes the FaxStar Assistant integrator module applies a Split Rule to the Spooled File. This rule allows the ability to define:

  • When to detect a break in a spooled file (when the report contains a new fax or mail address). It's very handy when MAPICS produces several documents (like several Invoices in the same report).
  • Users who will manage the generated faxes.
  • Information enabling the retrieval of the Recipient Fax Number or Mail Address from the Mapics database. (In some circumstances it may be necessary to write a small RPG program to perform this. The Fax★Star Support team has file programs if it is so needed.)
  • The Cover Page to add in front of every fax or mail.
  • The faxing mode (Portrait, Landscape, Attachments, etc.).
  • A specific Logo and/or form overlay.
  • Any documentation that must be attached, such as Terms and Conditions.

Depending on the APIs return code, FaxStar Assistant has a unique feature which allows the ability to create a spooled file containing only pages that need to be sent via fax or email.