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Standalone Servers

Fax*Star Stand Alone Server (Twinax connection)

The Complete Faxing Solution For iSeries, AS/400, System 36


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Fax★Star Stand Alone Server Features

The Fax★Star Stand Alone Server is a complete software/hardware solution. There is no need for you to install additional hardware or software on your host. Fax★Star allows you to fax text, PCL, and PostScript documents.

The Fax★Star Stand Alone Server provides complete faxing functionality. Simply send a fax document to the printer queue designated for Fax★Star. Fax★Star takes care of the rest. Your documents are faxed and you receive confirmation when done so. Easily configure Fax★Star by sending a control document to Fax★Star. Fax★Star configures itself according to the options you entered in the control document.

  • Installs as a printer on your network
  • Real time fax confirmations
  • Print incoming faxes
  • PostScript and PCL options
  • Complete stand alone software/hardware solution
  • Dial in support

Fax★Star PostScript or PCL

If you want to fax PostScript or PCL documents generated from your host you will want to add the Fax★Star PostScript and/or PCL option. Conversion of a PostScript or PCL document occurs on the Fax★Star server. This option requires no software or additional processing time on your host.

Technical Information


  • Works with AS/400, iSeries, SYS 3/x, etc.
  • Independent solution. No software on host.
  • Attach via Twinax, Serial, etc.