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 Are your online users complaining of slow response times?

Do you need a little more interactive CPW to manage those "PEAK" times/periods?

Is your interactive CPW workload constrained to less than what the machine is capable of managing? 

MAX400 for your AS/400 (iSeries) servers

MAX400 is a software utility that tunes and maximizes interactive CPW performance of your AS/400 or iSeries server system.

How does it work?

The MAX400 utility makes various adjustments to certain temporary memory areas of jobs which prevent the system from penalizing those jobs in the normal manner. This allows those jobs to have the performance of batch jobs.

What is it?

MAX400 is a software utility that tunes and maximizes interactive CPW performance of your AS/400 or iSeries server system.

What does it do?

On server-class systems, interactive workload is usually constrained to a value much less than what the machine is capable of managing.

MAX400 :

  • Automatically tunes interactive jobs on your system to minimize the interactive CPW resources required;

  • Releases those constraints to allow you to get maximum performance from your system without the need to purchases additional Interactive Features; and,

  • Allows you to get the best from your system whenever you need it without having to install additional interactive CPW features to cater for peaks in your interactive CPW workload.


What versions of the AS/400 OS will MAX400 run with?

V4R1 to V7R1

Is it easy to install or uninstall MAX400?

MAX400 takes less than 5 minutes to install and run: RSTLICPGM, that is all.
Like any other programs on the AS400 (iSeries) their jobs can be stopped, and the MAX400 libraries and objects can be removed as desired, leaving no trace on the system.

What is CFINT?

CFINT is an internal system task used to handle job interrupts. On server models it is also used as a governor to slow interactive performance down to set levels.
There is a task for each processor which displays as CFINT01, CFINT02, etc.

Where can I see CFINT? Is it on all machines?

All normal active jobs can be seen with WRKACTJOB, but tasks can only be seen with WRKSYSACT and also Operations Navigator (a.k.a. iSeries Navigator) via Management Central.
All machines have CFINT, although it consumes different amounts in different models.

Will MAX400 decrease the performance of other jobs?

MAX400 does not interfere with the performance of non-interactive jobs. The aim is to let the interactive jobs consume the CPU they need within the total CPW capacity for that AS/400.
MAX400 consumes very little CPU, usually less than 1%. 
MAX400 will not interfere with any other processes, monitoring, data bases, etc.. on the AS400/iseries.

Does MAX400 modify IBM Licensed Internal Code?

Max400 does not modify IBM Licensed Internal Code. After you test/preview MAX400, simply end the MAX400 job and all MAX400 tuning work will end.
To uninstall the product, simply delete the object.
If you IPL your machine, and you wish to continue running MAX400, you must resubmit the MAX400 job, as MAX400 does not make any changes to the original code of your system.
Therefore MAX400 is not modifying Licensed Internal Code.

MAX400 enhances the operating system by technology designed to increase the interactive processing workload/CPW of the computer system.
Of course, this technology is a trade secret.

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